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Alev is a trademark that consists of soap and washing up liquids.
Under this trademark is produced solid soaps with different weight and
cleaning agents for daily use and for industrial type. Producing products
of Alev have started in February of 2008 year in “NB Group”. Products
are produced and presented to consumers by the professional personnel 
as a result of using modern technologies and equipment. Control process
is carried out in accordance with the standards of international standards
management system of the quality ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental
management system standard of ISO 14001:2004. Alev is the only local
product manufactured in Azerbaijan in the area of solid soap. Alev solid
soaps are produced from natural components and in its composition not
any substances that are biologically not decomposed. All products of Alev
foreseen complex approach in daily life for each house that is cleanness
may be provided by Alev products in any corner of house.
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