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Liquid soap green 4.5 kg
Hand soap green 4,5 kg
Alev liquid soap is applied easily to skin and removes dirt 
with some massage movements. Owing  to special particles it has
a preventive cosmetic effect  and owing to the excellent formula
this liquid soap with the scent of pink, green and blue flowers 
as well as citrus plants cleans your skin against contamination. 
You will enjoy its delicate flower scent.  Owing to its formula 
enriched with Glycerinee the soap provides gentle protection for
your hands. The soap also has antibacterial effect and triclosan 
in its formula is not harmful for skin but kills microbes.
Alev liquid soap is also available in 400 gr and 20 kg
Packages for long use by those who prefers liquid soaps 
and wants to save time. 
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